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About Student

Educational Benefit Trust

The CampusFirst, LLC (CampusFirstTM), a Virginia limited liability company, as well as  its wholly owned subsidiary CampusFirst Agency, is in the wholesale business of administrating, brokering, consulting, marketing, and operating Student Health Insurance Programs, on behalf of Institutions of Higher Education within the United States of America. As such, the entity will represent a full service administration, brokering, consulting, and marketing firm within the higher education healthcare market (“Higher Education Market”).


The senior executives associated with the creation of CampusFirst are seasoned professionals within the healthcare industry spanning over fifty years of combined experience within all aspects of the day to day operations of the top three healthcare companies in the United States. Not only do these executives maintain the experience and winning track records during their lengthy carriers, they also maintain the relationships that are the backbone to the collaborative partnerships that have been maintained over the prior two to three decades.

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